Are your door handles painted ?

No, the color is added with high quality vinyl wrap.  We don’t “paint” anything.



Are your door handles the entire door handle assembly ?

No, these are covers that you adhere to your existing OEM door handles



Can you wrap the entire handle ?

No, we mainly wrap the middle of our products.  Vinyl wrap doesn’t do well around compound curves so we try to keep the vinyl wrap on a relatively flat surface



Are your base colors only chrome and black ?

Most times yes, but with some models we can special order carbon fiber door handle covers



Do your door handles and vinyl wrap come with a warranty ?

Yes, we have a 6 month warranty on all of our products, this includes the door handles and the vinyl wrap



Will the vinyl wrap fade over time ?

We deal mainly with Avery, 3M, Hexis, Oracal, and KPMF – all of which have a clear protective laminate.  The vinyl wrap comes with a 7-yr outdoor guarantee. So even if your car or truck is parked outside for 7 years the vinyl wrap will not fade.



Do shipping costs vary by location ?

Shipping is free on all products shipped within the US !!!



What is the shipping time-frame when I place an order ?

We ship everything within 3 business days, most times quicker



What if I don’t see my car/truck color listed ?

Send us a message. Vinyl companies are always coming out with new colors, it never hurts to ask



Can you do Custom Colors ?

Yes, we can do pretty much any color you want.  If we have to special order a color we will add a $15 upcharge



Where is the paint code located on my car/truck ?

It can be found on the manufacturer label located on the door jam




How difficult is installation ?

Installation is very easy, all products can be installed in just a few minutes. All products come with double sided tape for easy installation.




Can I return my product if I am not happy with it ?

Yes, everything can be returned for a full refund.  If it is a mistake on our end we will pay the shipping.  If you order the wrong model, wrong color or wrong setup  (smart key, keyhole configuration, etc) we don’t charge you restocking fees but we do ask that you pay the shipping. It is very important that you package your returned products very securely for safe arrival to us and that all pieces arrive intact with no scratches, cracks, etc. Lastly, it is very important you do a test fit on everything before installing. Once the product is installed it cannot be returned.